Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Antsje the STAR!!

Always a memorable day for me was the fantastic UK Inspections in 2006 where Antsje strutted her stuff to 'STER' status!! This grade is judged on movement and conformation and is awarded to approx 20% of friesian horses, so it is a good indicator of a superb example of the friesian breed. :-D
I was so confident that Antsje would get the Star Grading but had a fit of the eeeby jeebies the night before and hoped that I wasnt being a typical 'doting mother' and not being objective enough!! Still I neednt have worried as Antsje was set to prove to the world that she was an absoloute star in no uncertain terms lol! This is so typical of her character and she is a born show off! So it was no suprise to me when she shook off her runner in irritation and then proceeded to take herself around the arena snorting and passaging until she got the applause she so rightly deserved **rolls eyes**
I knew she had performed to the best of her ability and it was just down to the judges. But luckily they also agreed and she was awarded Ster 2nd premie :-)

Just a few bits of video of her moment lol!
Super Trot!
Lap of Honour

Going it alone!

All friesians who are bred by an approved breeding stallion and a studbook mare are entered into the foalbook (veulenboek) at birth and can be given a 'premie' of 1, 2 or 3 if they are very good examples of the breed. At age 3 or over the friesian can then be graded to be entered into the studbook (stamboek). Again, if good enough the horse can be awarded a premie of 1, 2 or 3. If the horse is of a high standard of conformation and movement they can be awarded the STER status. Only horses in the studbook are eligble to breed foals that can be registered with the FPS (friesian Society) and ony foals of a good quality will make it into the studbook themselves. Friesian breeding is quite a complicated subject but for most people, buying a studbook horse gives you a certain level of confidence of the quality and movement expected by the FPS.

All about Antsje

PhotobucketAntsje ut 'e Mieden was born in 2000 and is by Rypke 321 and damsire Olaf 315. I think she seems to look a lot like her damsire in build? At home she is called Antsje (pronouced 'aunt-sya') She is a big moving mare and our biggest challenge with her is keeping her in balance. She is very forward thinking and sometimes a little to forward for her own good lol!! It has been wonderful to see how much more body awareness and control she is getting over the last few years though :-)

In September 2006 we took her to the friesian gradings in yorkshire where she was given the status of 'ster' (pronounced star) which is a very high achievment in the friesian world. We were thrilled but she was and always will be my star mare :-)
She is a very good example of the more modern stamp of friesian, being a bit lighter in build than the very baroque type. She has the most wonderful temperament and work ethic and luckily for me she is very forward and not at all lazy!
She was imported from the Netherlands in 2005 from her breeder and the owner of her father Rypke, R Annema in Zwaagwesteinde. This is a very interesting article about the stud and the Stam Line 27 to which Antsje belongs.
While in the Netherlands Antsje Bred a foal on 05.12.2004 called Murk ut 'e Mieden (200403821). The sire was approved stallion Rintse 386. I would love to find out more information about him, particularly how he graded when registered. I tracked him down to a breeder in the Netherlands, Frysk Andaluz, but he had already been sold on and sadly there are no piccies :-( They said he was a very nice horse though!
After 3 years of friesian ownership I would not hesitate to recommend the breed, and although I have really had to up my game in repsects of riding and training such a horse I am enjoying every minute! Well, nearly lol!!!

Monday, 29 December 2008


Owning a Friesian horse has been a long life dream of mine and three years ago on 24th November 2005 my drean came true!! In the shape of Antsje, a 5 and a half year old very green mare :-)

During our three years together we have achieved a lot!! Antsje got graded 'STER' at the UK gradings in September 2006 which was a brilliant achievement :-) We have also done a little unafilliated dressage and even some jousting! Mostly we have been laying the foundations of correct schooling in line with classical principles. It is a fascinating journey for me personally and Im learning so much but know there is a heap still to learn. I am looking forwards to 2009 and all that it brings.