Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Annnnnd we're OFF!! Again!!

So off we go again, on my journey to be a better rider and trainer to my long suffering horse!!

We have done so very little since we left our Full Livery yard down to the winter / no facilities / personal crap! all getting in the way. So really, I am just starting again ****GROAN**** to re-establish all we learnt last year and to get us both back to riding fitness.

Despite this major setback, Antsje feels **very** well indeed - to bloody well sometimes lol! And we are back to her 'focussing' on me in the moment rather than her mind and her body being a million miles in front of what Im asking her to do! She finds this hard - I find it frustrating, we are both going to have to find a balance between this chasm that lays before us and I MUST HAVE PATIENCE!!! ARGH!!!!
So we are doing very basic stuff, lateral work to start to get her submissive to the inside bend and to become more 'in hand'. Then moving up into trot and doing lots of transitions and changes of rein whislt remaining IN BALANCE and also plenty of stretching work over the back and through the neck while remaining in the SAME Rhythm! Hmmmmmmm - that is more difficult - how she LOVES to T-R-O-T! And how hard I have to work at my OWN balance to help her keep hers! I ought to have a 66 pack by now lol!

I MISS my lessons! I really could do with some eyes on the ground, but for now I'll have to content myself to bumbling along on my own! I hope to persuade someone to do some video for me so I can try and have a look whats going on and work on things that way until I can afford some lessons again. Of course, I will be relying on critique from my trusted followers to keep me on the straight (Sheeesh!) and narrow lol!

Now I have a school again I hope to make much more regular deposits onto my blog!! Hope you all havent nodded off!! - *****pokes you all with a big stick*****


Cabruze said...

Onward and upward!! Lots of opportunities at High Cross! You'll be back on track very quickly after all your preparatory work!
.... and I'll come and video you some time if you like!

epona said...

Id love you to come over!! :-) I MUSt get over to see the hooligan too lol!!

Claire said...

glad to see you back, vicki, and stop it .. you know you know what you're doing! and it should all come quicker this time despite the layoff

Anonymous said...

Yay! Onwards and upwards indeed! :-D xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahh . . . patience! How important! Nice that you're back at it again!

Cabruze said...

Errr which hooligan is that Vicki? .... Mike?

epona said...

hahahaha! dont tell Mike that! he'll never cook for me again - and we cant have that!!! lol!