Monday, 30 November 2009


Well as it was the final show of the season at our yard I decided to throw caution to the wind and do Prelim 12!! Amy said she would come and video us so I was really excited! But when I got my time, the class was so huge that we were not riding until 2.24pm which meant Amy couldnt make it :-( But luckily one of the girls at the yard videod my test for me which was so nice of her :-)

Well Antsje warmed up so beautifully and felt so relaxed but responsive I was really excited about doing the test lol!! As soon as we got in the arena though we lost that relaxation as Antsje was a bit 'gawky' especially at the camera man, and I got a bit of the nerves kicking in too!!
But despite this Antsje did listen to me and I tried hard not to fiddle and nag and trust her to relax into my hand - which she did at times :-) Canter was still a bit gung ho!! In these situations we are BOTH still a bit anxious of it and preparation and relaxation goes out of the window lol! In fact I think I suprised her with the right canter transition and she took off disunited! I suppose I should have stopped and restarted but I wasnt sure if this would upset her even more!
I was a bit dissapointed that we didnt go as well as in the warm up and felt the test was a bit lumpy in places - but I was mindful we hadnt done a test since June so in retrospect it wasnt awful as she had done everything I had asked :-)

When I went to find my test sheet I couldnt see my name anywhere! I looked through the pile twice, and then just happened to glance at the sheets with the rossettes attached and lo and behold they we were!!! in 5th place!! I couldnt bloody believe it hahahaha!!! we got 66% and some very nice comments. So although when looking at the video I can see lots of things to work on, I am absoloutely thrilled to have eneded the year on such a good note :-)

She has gone a bit fussy in the mouth again this last week or so, so she is having a visit by the dentist today. Im hoping all will go well and there wont be too much of an issue other than routine stuff ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you ended your year on such a good note - congratulations on getting out there and doing it!

Golden the Pony Girl said...

You guys have made so much progress! Sure when you go back and watch the video you will always see things you want to work on but-make sure to bask in the glow on how well you guys have improved as a team! I love that swinging tail at the trot, she is really starting to relax. The canter is still tentative but that is coming along as well!

Claire said...


vicki, you'd think you had stuff to work on if you got 10's for everything, LOL

so pleased

and that still pic is gorgeous!

Claire said...

and just to prove i did in fact watch the video - so pleased she didn't let herself be put off by the chestnut refusing to go into the next door arena!

Jane said...

Vicky - my goodness you have made SUCH a difference to your position! You look so strong in the middle and you are really riding her from your core. Amazing difference in a short space of time with many other difficulties going on. She is soooo much more relaxed and through and that is all down to you and your improvement. 66% is well deserved. A joy to watch!


Jane said...

PS the canter is hugely better too - but given how hard it is to ride still, you are tending to waterski - so get the kneeling in canter, however much she is trying to run, and you will get the control of that too! :-)

Very well done!

epona said...

thanks guys!!! Claire!! Someone else said last night that I wouldnt be satisified with perfection either lol lol!! How well you all know me lol! But I am learning to appreciate our achievements as well as being mindful of what there is yet to achieve ;-)
Jane - I need some help with how I ride the canter - but Im glad you have noticed improvements with the trot! :-D
I would like to get some more video of us just working in - it will give abetter idea of what we have been working on - I just go to pot when I ride a test ARGH!!!!

HorseOfCourse said...

Congratulations! Well done!!