Monday, 8 February 2010

The Chiro came.........

The Chiro came…….
to do a routine check on Antsje as I havent had her checked out for over a year :o( Finances just havent allowed it although Im always very thorough in keeping a check on her myself and if I thought there was a real problem I would have had her checked out and not eaten that week lol!!
The lady said that antsje was in a very good state albeit very slightly weaker on the left and loved her to bits and wanted to take her home!!
1. her pelvis was a little bit out on the right
2. there was a couple of tweaks that were made just behind her withers
3. there was a deep adjustment made just above her left shoulder
4. A couple of minor adjustments to her neck on the right in the C1 area.
So im glad I had her checked over and the lady said for saying she hasn’t been checked for over a year she was very impressed with her condition. Oh she just LURVED her movement! Another friesian convert Mwhha haaa haaaa!!!
Recommended not to ride for a couple of days so Ill wait to see how she feels at the weekend!

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