Thursday, 12 August 2010

Health Update!

After Antsje’s teeth had been done we noticed she was chewing her hay funny. Kind of making little twists with it like you were going to make a straw dolly lol! I got back in touch with the dentist and he said he would come and recheck her but couldn’t make it for 2 weeks. In the meantime the problem seemed to resolve itself but he still came out to put my (obsessed!) mind at rest lol! Nothing seemed to be causing a problem so maybe she just didn’t like that bale of hay! Who knows!

After doing a bit of trimming of her legs the other day I found some flaky skin in her feathers and also a ‘spongy’ area in the back of her heel. So since then I have been scrubbing with hibiscrub, combing out the flakes, drying the area thoroughly and using tea tree ointment / purple spray and sudocrem on the spongy bit lol! She also has an area on the inside hind that never grows any hair and can get quite dry skin. Ive always thought it was a skin allergy of some type but now I think it might be a strike mark from her other inside hind! So I thought I might experiment with some over-reach boots on her hind feet. All seemed to be going well until last night I noticed these had rubbed her foot on the opposite side! ARRRGGGGHHH! So not sure WHAT to do now!


Danni said...

I think the twisting of forage is called a bolus and isn't it normal? Hopefully the dentist wil put your mind at rest :)

I'd clip the feather to be able to get at the skin and help it heal, but then I've been thinking about hogging my Luso >:)

Claire said...

i saw this on EE, and had nothing much to say then.

but, both molly & her mother always got a dry skin sort of thing behind an elbow, which always looked like some sort of dermatitis...sudocrem, i used...