Sunday, 27 December 2009


Well I have been practising things since the video and feel I still collapse a bit in the midsection which is causing the tipping feeling. I do think the hip alignment is not bad - as Valerie pointed out I dont want to end up behind the movement - so I have concentrated on opening the chest, softening the elbow, and LOOKING UP!! It does **feel** better but I hope to get some more video to SEE what it looks like ;-)

I also got some nice results with the rising trot today by injecting more energy into it - I cant really explain what I did because I wasnt making the rising bigger or smaller but just had more 'positive tension' in my body tone somehow and Antsje respoded with some nice springy steps :-)

I also hope I have got the postioning correct with the travers now - but that i'll have to judge off the video ;-)


Danni said...

If you feel you are tipping...rather than collapsing your midsection, it could be your hip flexors pulling you down? Just a thought, you'll know what you are feeling, I just wanted to throw that one in there!

I also wanted to add that thinking of opening up your collarbones can be a good way to open up your chest. Sometimes focussing on a specific body part can help. That particular visualisation helps me, it may or may not help you *lol*

Looking up is the hardest part...I'm fascinated by every part of my horse and even find the back of his head most enchanting!

Great to hear the videos have helped you progress :D

trudi said...

It's wonderful that you two are still together and that you are back to writing it all down...big thumbs up girl!!
I think the hip flexors idea from Danni could be a possibility, especially if (like me) you have your pelvis generally angled down at the front.
I want to hear and see more, keep writing xxx