Tuesday, 22 December 2009

WE HAVE VIDEO!!! hehehe!

So, finally got Amy to take some video of us both today - I think we have made improvements this year although I STILL need to SIT UP!!!! and also the angle in travers is way too steep but thats what video is for! My sitting trot is still woeful I rode my sisters horse tonight and was able to sit nice and tall and relaxed but I still cant get it on Antsje! Im afraid of it I reckon!!! I tense up and I BOING everywhere! plus...................I NEED TO SIT UP!!!!

First few vids are of trot and canter on both reins, then the last one is collecting and lengthening the trot with Antsje staying with me! you can see she'd rather canter! I can see on the serpentine video I am blocking her with the inside rein on the right - she still gets a bit jittery after canter work - but NO excuse for overiding the inside rein! NAUGHTY ME! But would be glad to hear what you all think............. ps - the abrubt halts after canter are a result of a 'click' and treat - not cos I yanked her head orf!!


Danni said...

No comments from me because I can't watch the vids and I can barely get out of walk these days anyway so am in no position to say anything *lol*

But I do take my hat off to you for the dedication you have for your girl, not exactly the easiest trot to sit to ;)

Valerie said...

Stunning horse! You two look lovely together. I wanted to offer some encouragement. I do not believe that you need to "sit up" as much as you may think. So many riders sit behind the motion by sitting up (back) too much. You look very much with your horse and over her center of balance. A neutral pelvis and legs that are free to swing alternately with her motion will give you the "sit up" feeling you are hoping for!
From a first time reader and fellow "dressage junkie"

epona said...

thanks Danni - and you put yourself down way too much ;-)

Thanks and welcome Valerie :-D Your comments are very useful and after playin about a bit over the last few days I think its more a collapsing in the core that I do - after thinking 'more open through the chest' and LOOK UP!! I feel better - more video at the weekend so we shall *see* lol!