Sunday, 27 June 2010


Got some poor sod to video me in return for a drink down the awful hey!!! hahaha! The video-er needs training with the zoom lol! but heck, im very grateful for him doing it full stop!

I can see im still collapsing a bit esp in downward trans......
Also, when im trying too hard (lateral work / no stirrups) my arse gets tight and Im far too tense and it ruins my seat and therefore blocks Antsje. Things to think about....... ;o)

Walk to canter

Walk pirouette attmepts

Lateral Work (although not very clear angle)

Trot and right canter trans

Left Canter


As always - grateful for any comments / observations :o)


Friesianluv said...

Only an observation but something to puzzle over. Your position looks much better without stirrups.
When you have the stirrups they look too long - now having said your position without stirrups looked good, you would think the longer they were the better, but this does not look to be true.
Try shortening your stirrups a hole, think about your weight going down your legs and out through the outside of your ankle bones (that will stop you pressing in the stirrups) and do this whilst trying to recreate the feeling of riding without stirrups.
Hey - it might not help but is something to play with. The one hole shorter stirrups with also bring your legs back a tad.
You are doing really well with the lateral stuff - we are still in the remedial class with that.

epona said...

you know what! I was thinking along the same lines about the stirrups as my leg isnt in such a good position as before (although I think my upper body is better lol!) Trouble is, I warm up with no stirrups and I can really sit into her with my seat, but when i take my stirrups back I feel like im 'popping' out of the saddle somewhat so I lengthened the stirrups a hole lol! But I can see that whatever is causing the 'popping' isnt really being addressed by the stirrup lenghtening. Where am I tensing to stop my seat being as effective as without stirrups? god, you fix one thing and find another 3 to take its place hahahaha!!!
Ive found the lateral work really helpful to slow her down, engage her HQ's AND her brain (lol) and also for her to improve her body awareness cos sometimes its like she cant organise her feet lol!
Thanks Friesianluv x

Friesianluv said...

About a year ago I did one of those Riding Test things, its like a dressage test but its the rider getting judged, not the horse. The judge said my knees were tight/stiff or something like that. I watched the video and saw what she meant. I tried to 'let go' with the knees and realised I had been protecting my crotch using the tension in my knees. I've changed my riding to sort this and have suffered some pain as a result!! However, I think my seat is now more effective and I can really 'drape' my legs which I couldn't do before. The part of you bearing the weight and on which you balance is your seat bones, your legs just hang down, once I got my head round that and stopped trying to protect the sore bits I could sit better (but more painfully!!!)

Claire said...

"once I got my head round that and stopped trying to protect the sore bits I could sit better (but more painfully!!!)"

now which thread should friesianluv go read, vicki? ROFL.

i recommend a seatsaver ....

sorry, vicki, haven't watched your vids....bad me.. but can recollect being told about my knees on many occasions.