Thursday, 8 July 2010

A few adjustments.....

Well after watching the videos a few times I have put some focus on my leg position and balance again! I put my stirrups up one hole and really concentrated in riding ‘off my knees’ and not off my feet ala JVT instruction! Lol!
It felt a bit awkward at first I have to say, and I could feel myself going back to the ‘tippy’ position with my upper body **sigh** It seems if the body is UP, then my legs goes forwards, if the legs come in alignment, the body tips forwards! ARGH!!!!! BUT!! If I really focus on riding from the knees AND lifting the rib cage it does come together – and im rewarded by Antsje going along beautifully! Practice makes perfect – but I am missing eyes on the ground :o( Cue a much needed lesson!

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