Monday, 10 August 2009

I lost it, I lost it! :-(

Not a good session tonight! Started of well, should have ended it there! but oh no, I had to keep going and then just kept drifiting in and out of the connection :-( Antsje went back to her rushing and I just got pinged everywhere! Seriously disheartened :-(

I just dont think I can do this.................


Kate said...

Of course you can do it - you already did! It's just a matter of establishing new habits - and that takes time and effort. You're in the time and effort part of the process now - and there will be lots of occasions of two steps forward, one step back - or even one step forward, two steps back. The really good thing is that you now know what it feels like to get what you want - which means you can find that feel again. Just keep on plugging.

epona said...

thanks Kate :-)
I suppose I was meaning the whole thing! I just dont seem to be getting ANYWHERE! its supposed to be fun! most of the time its just so frustrating :-( I chose the wrong horse and now Im so attached to her i dont know what to do lol!