Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mown Fields =


We have some great off road hacking here and to make it even better they have mown the fields so it is a pretty seamless YEEEHAAAAAA from start to finish lol! It is a great way of clearing out the cobwebs, feeling exhilarated, getting fit and most of all having FUN! For both of us :-)
I have also used the opportunity to concentrate on my position whilst out hacking :-)
The last time we went for a blast, I made sure Antsje was on the right canter lead before letting her 'go' as I really want to try and strengthen the right side and thought this might be a good way to do it. Not much to add other than I forgot just how necessary a good blast is for the soul!

Has been a bit of a mixed bag :-S It starts off not so good and eventually ends up with some nice work. Im still struggling with how we get there though! I still feel like im fumbling around in the dark - at least I can feel WHEN its good now, and when its good and I can normally keep it :-) But I cant seem to get past that period of frustration where it feels crap / resistant / lumpy / out of balance :-( And I STILL dont know what im doing to get it to the good stuff! HO-HUM another lesson is required I think!

I still have to wonder if im fighting as loosing battle sometimes though - perhaps with the rescources available to me namely time and money and the fact that physically me and Antsje are not an ideal match - I am just NEVER gonna get there and I could well do without the frustration of an unobtainable dream!

Maybe I should just write this year off and stick to more hacking. But I seem to be writing more years off than on! BLEUGH! this is why Im not writing much at the minute, cant seem to think of anything positive to say and I HATE moany old whingers lol!!!


Claire said...

now vicki, stop it already ... :-)

just to show the difference, go and reread my blog from the beginning and then realise how far you're on compared to us....

now that sounds sharp... but i do think you're just TOO analytical and too much the perfectionist

i think, starting a session not good and ending it good, is good! and the more you do that, the more you'll work out what it is you did to get it right, and the more able you both will be to be more right from the start...

trudi said...

I can't talk :-( I'm over analytical too, lol. Go back and read your stuff from the day out 'at arms' that you did last year :-) then maybe give WE a go, just watched a super vid and I'd love to give it a go (guess Antsje would too)
Seriously though, you two are made for each other and you're talking bollox saying otherwise. So go hack and blast and WHEN you're both ready you'll know, xxx

HorseOfCourse said...

You know, our sharpest critic is always ourselves. It is so easy to look at the gulf dividing the rider that we want to be and the rider that we are, and fall down in that black pit.

In our daily non-horsey work it is normal to set time frames.
I believe it is very dangerous to do that with horses. It doesn’t work that way. If you set too many “should be able to by now” and compare yourself with others, you are very likely to get disappointed.
Each horse is different, and they for sure have got no time frames.
Charles de Kunffy said: “Riding is a quest, not a conquest”
What I believe IS important is to keep your horse healthy and happy, and to enjoy the work you do together. Don’t take it too serious. Have fun!

It is so easy to look at the things that at the moment is not working as they should, and forget about what we struggled with half a year or a year ago.
I agree with Claire; as long as your sessions end good, be happy! Your horse doesn’t lie, you know!

The only "shortcut" I know of is to spend time with a good trainer. It is not easy to solve all problems when being alone. Does the world of good when it comes to motivation too ;)

epona said...

Thanks Guys!! You all talk sense! I know this deep down - I just get SOOOOOO frustrated working on the same old shite though!!! Makes me feel we are geeting NOWHERE!! I know we are, its a long process though lol!!!
I must have requested patience as my life lesson this time round! My boundless optimism thought I could do it!