Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stop the Rollercoaster! I wanna get off!!!

Up - down - up - down!!!

So this morning was better! much better! We rode in the indoor school so not sure if that made any difference or not - I just dont know what the ingredients are to a good ride or a bad one!
But it went much better this morning and I held the core connection more often than not throughout the ride :-) I dont have as long to ride in the morning so maybe this is better as both of us dont get the chance to get tired - maybe I just keep going to long when Im not running to a timescale? I still came off very pink so its still obviously a good workout even though im not riding for so long :-)

I just need to be able to apply this connection consciously, rather than just 'getting it' by some miracle lol!


Anonymous said...

Don't be frustrated - these things take time - lots of time!

HorseOfCourse said...

You just hang on to that rollercoaster and enjoy the ride! I believe the end destination will be very interesting ;-)

Cabruze said...

Yay! You don't really want off the rollercoaster now do you?

epona said...

just feels ive been at it for AGES now, and im still struggling with trot! canter is not even a consideration!
Jane - at the minute, Im seriously considering it. There is just so much going on at the minute I need a pastime I can enjoy not get frustrated with!

trudi said...

I understand how you feel darlin' but the *without* scenario is even harder to bare than the frustrations *with*
It's probably no coincidence that in the morning it all goes well; less stressed by the day, traffic, numpties at work etc. and just a tidsy bit still asleep and trying less. Take a step back and try to expect less. T xx

Claire said...

i'm with trudi.

and go re-read all of my blog.... i've said that before, LOL. I was ready to give molly away this morning...

Jane said...

Well, I've missed lots! I don't think I've ever known someone as hard on themselves!!!

You are doing great, to go good ride-bad ride- good ride is a good ratio in the grand scheme of things! Especially as when you feel the bad ride starting you can CHOOSE to do something else. Its not quitting. Its diverting both of your attentions. Get off and do groundwork, or go hacking and work on the connection in walk/canter whatever. You have options!

The biggest thing though, is the realisation that it IS all about the journey. There is no "destination" I'm afraid...no one has perfection 100% of the time. If you don't enjoy the journey then give up... but I know you DO enjoy the journey, even if only the "got it" bits.... but if you never lost it, you'd never HAVE the "got it" bits!

Confused, you will be :-)))

She is the right horse for you, she is teaching you so much and vice versa. If/when you both decide you have learnt all you can from each other then you can move on....

IMHO and it'll sound harsh, its the fact that you have lots of stuff going on in the rest of life that causes the strain, rather than A herself.

And we all do, we need to have horses/ride/whatever to get away from the rest of life.... we'd cope with equine frustrations EASILY if they were the only ones we had!

Keep it up, it sounds like serious lightbulbs are going and I'm betting there'll be a post soon saying you can rescue a ride from bad to good!

lol J.xx

epona said...

You are right Jane! It is a stressful time for me at the minute! I just wish I were in control of SOMETHING!!!!! hahahaha!!!!
I think I need to go hacking **rolls eyes**