Friday, 16 January 2009

And how it SHOULD be done!!!

I found these video clips of Bent Branderup riding some lateral movements. They have really clarified in my mind the movements that I was trying to achieve in my last lesson. I also admire the lack of tension in the horse. Although Bent does have a slightly braced lower leg!! Well thats how it looks to me anyhow! Please correct me if Im way off the mark lol!! The picture as a whole is very beautiful though ;-)

Shoulder in to Renvers


Shoulder In:


Friesianluv said...

Agree with you Vicky on both counts. Very relaxed horse and seemingly stiff lower leg - like how mine goes when I try too hard and it seems to develop a mind of its own!
These are excellent clips.
LOVE the spotty. I have a 3 year old appy filly too, she is next in the pipeline to be subjected to my 'dressage skills'

Claire said...

gorgeous horse!

the trouble is, vicki, people like that make it look so damn easy and the rest of us try too damn hard!

epona said...

HAHAHA!! Helen! My leg does JUST the same thing!! God its annoying!!

Trying too hard is my speciality Claire - you should know that by now ;-) hehehehe!!

trudi said...

Hehehe, I remember Sarah and I discussing those vids of BB, very bad girls we wondered if he had something down his trouser leg to stop him bending it.....super spotty though.
You always find something to inspire me Vicky.

epona said...

Hahahaha TRUDI!!! You are BAD!!!! It is most off putting though lol!! I could do with another night of Trudi + Sarah + wine + indian + wine hehehehe!!! We did have a giggle!

Kip Mistral said...

Hello, I just found your interesting blog and saw your comment about Bent Branderup and his slightly braced lower leg. I've visited Bent's in Denmark for a week and done an article with him. He is what is called an "academic" rider and does ride in the old style that you see in paintings of baroque times. If you notice they have a very straight leg that pushes forward. They also ride one handed. It's a stylistic thing. Bent rides with such grace, he just melts into the horse. So the braced leg doesn't make him stiff. I'll come back and wander around your blog soon! Thanks, Kip Mistral

Kip Mistral said...

Also, that is not an Appaloosa but Bent's blind Knabstrupper stallion, Hugin. Made blind by a vet that put in the wrong eye drops. :-(