Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Thinking Rider........................

'The thinking rider should understand the influence of each exercise on the entire training and eradicate any fault the moment it appears as the training progresses. Profound knowledge and experience together with understanding and sympathy towards his four legged partner will make the rider mature into a proffesor, and he will blossom out from an ordinary workman into an artist. As an artist, he will be awed by the creations of nature, will honour the beauty of his horse in all his movements as a gift from heaven, and despise any form of artifice. He will realise that nature can exist without art, but that art cannot exist without nature.'

From: The complete training of horse and rider - Alois Podhajsky

This gave me goosebumps!! Alois is my HERO!! Oh Alois, how I love thee - let me count the ways :swoon:

I have been re-reading this book again - so MANY quotable pages, such a true horseman ;-)

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