Thursday, 22 January 2009

Barney The Brave!

What a difference a year makes!!! When we stabled at my sisters last time, We had only had Barney a year and being the sensitive flower he is, he still got very anxious over things!
He was not very confident in traffic - which is a bummer when whatever hack you go on you have to negotiate a busy main road! He took a dislike to a row of houses and wouldn't walk past them in a straight line, but would try and sneak past like a crab regardless of what traffic was coming :-0 And WATER!! Just typical of a boy, he HATED water with a passion!
Since we have been back however, we have realised just how his confidence has grown, his and Amy's relationship has blossomed, and just how Amy's riding skills have devloped! He now couldnt give a hoot about traffic! And after I showed Amy how to ride past the scary cottages using a combination of shoulder-fore position, and a positive attitude - they now ride past without a care in the world! And last weekend, we did a new hack - one that involved going through a ford!! As it had been very wet, the water was quite deep too :-0 But all horses wnet through without a worry - EVEN BARNEY!! He walked through calmly and didnt try and rush through it or climb the sides of the bank lol!!
Just goes to shoe that you can teach an old-er horse new tricks!!! YAY for Barney!!!


Claire said...

and yay for amy too!

Danni said...

Hurrah for them both!

ae said...

Hi Vicky!!!!... Great to see you here... I feel like I´ve been lossing something! I´ll follow your blog for now on! :)

Claire said...

have you given up on this blog?