Monday, 4 January 2010

Antsje "The Guniea Pig"

Emily came over today to have a play with Antsje to give her some tips when working with her own young mare. Antsje was a superb guinea pig and Emily practised some in-hand work / lunging, clicker work and the ‘one handed riding’ to really get the concept of moving away from pressure both on the ground and ridden and also to understand the importance of the inside leg to outside rein concept when ridden.

I was really pleased with Antsje as I haven’t lunged her for several weeks but she demonstrated her lunging skills very well albeit a tad enthusiastically at times hahaha!!! But at least Emily could see how well the clicker worked to motivate and also for instant feedback when she did something well **smile**
Then I got on and was pleased to see she had still remembered yesterdays suppling work and was very light on the inside rein. I demonstrated the one handed work and also the girivolta type steps and then Emily had a go too.
I was really impressed how good Antsje was at ‘teaching’ – lord knows why! She has been teaching ME for years HA!!!

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