Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year........some NEW VIDEO!!! YAY!

Got more video yesterday!!! She was a little bit “tramming” yesterday and running through my hand a tad – especially when I was rising the trot. You can see at the end of the first video what I mean **rolls eyes** Now I know my sitting isn’t perfect by any means, but I still seem to be able to ‘hold her’ with my seat better despite this! The absorption problem still affects my hands more than id realised although she doesn’t seem terribly put out about this?? Perhaps I am still holding with the reins in sitting trot and this is why she is more contained? Although it doesn’t **FEEL** that way – and Im sure my hands don’t look as backward as the last set of videos?? Her mouth doesn’t seem overly busy / gapey which is a sure sign when im HOLDING her with my hands? So guys……………..what do you think??
I do think there is improvement from the last set of vids. Antsje trot rhythm look less disturbed than before and I do think my position looks better? BUT!! I can see Antsje still looses balance at times and I can see that I still need MORE strength through my core plus I am not absorbing the movement quite right either in sitting. I am belly dancing and still tending to tip forwards slightly. Back to the drawing board!!!!

ps - canter is still a work in progress lol!!!






Friesianluv said...

Hi Vicky,

Great to see another vid, where is your snow? I've not ridden since the week before Christmas as the snow here has never lifted.
I think your position looks a lot better in these videos, definitely less tipping forward. Antsje's good and bad rein are the same as my boy's so I think our problems are very similar. I have been told that on the right rein (his 'falling in' rein) I do not take enough of my weight to the inside and thus compound the problem. I don't think you are doing that but its something to bear in mind. Apparently, their falling in makes you try and compensate by putting your own weight out (wrong reaction) - that's one of my problems anyway.
Something I find helps with stablising the core and lowering your centre of gravity is to imagine the feeling you get when you are using a sweeping brush - that bracing you do with your stomach muscles to give your 'sweep' more power. The same bracing (maybe that's the wrong word as it has a bad connotation) helps strengthen the seat. Might be worth a try if you are not already using it.
Keep up the good work.


Deuce said...

Great video! I wish I could get nice videos more often too. Speaking of which I really need to get a new one asap.

As for your position I agree you are a LOT better about sitting up. Good work!

I would say though to be careful that your legs don't get too far in front of you. You don't quite have your line from head to hip to heel. I think as you changed your upper body position your hip angle stayed the same and made you sit more chair like.

I'm no expert but just my thoughts. I enjoyed watching your videos!

epona said...

hey thanks guys! :-D
Helen, how is your boy? All good I hope :-) We havent had any snow yet, and we are so lucky with the arena surface material that it doesnt seem to get rock solid and by dinner time is suitable for riding on! But sadly not now im back to the work routine - too hard at 6am in the morning :-(

Deuce - I am lucky that I can manage to bribe my daughter now and again to video me hahaha!! Not as effective as a pair of good eyes on the ground - but better than nowt ;-)

I **think** that my hips need to be more open to help the leg alignment and this is not helped by the tension caused in me when I do sitting trot!! I need someone to lunge me so I can learn to relax more but still keep the 'tone' - theres always something!!!

Friesianluv said...

Vicky, my boy is doing well. Have taken the plunge and affiliated him for the 2010 BD season. I also hope to get him to this year's grading - fingers crossed.

epona said...

How exciting Helen!!! More piccies pleeeease! lol! Let me know if you go to the gradings - Ill try and get to see you :-)