Sunday, 24 January 2010

WOOOWOOO All aboard........

the steamtrain that is Antsje!! hahaha!

After the last couple of nice rides I got back to my first 'early morning ride' since Xmas on Thurs morning and we had a bit of a 'tramming' session - she was going nicely but it wasnt until I went to make a downward transition I realised she wasnt really 'with' me but about 3 miles ahead lol!! So I tried some up and downwards transitions and she started to get a bit strong and against the hand. Maybe she was feeling it a bit after a lay off and two good sessions or maybe she just needs a blast! In the end we did get some obedient work although it wasnt as contained as we have been working, I was just pleased that she walked when asked etc so I left it there - esp as I dont have time to mess around in the mornings and by now I was running LATE!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Yesterday she worked much better in the respect of being with me and obedient to the aids but the times I asked her to stretch into a longer frame and lengthen and stretch I could still feel the pace quicken and her get a bit onward bound. So I decided to take her round the fields for a blow out! and OMG! did she blow out! I dont think ive ever felt her go so fast! But it seemed to do the trick and afterwards she was quite happy to walk round on a long rein - although the walk did have a certain strut to it as I think she was rather pleased with the galloping hahahah!!!

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