Sunday, 24 January 2010

Walk to Canter VIDEO!! YAY!

today my daughter Amy rode her and did some jumping!! which she thoroughly enjoyed! They were getting a bit high for my nerves though and I could barely watch Eeeeek!
Afterwards Amy took a bit of video of me and Antsje as I have just started doing walk / canter transitions with her and I wanted to have a look and see what they LOOKED like as they FELT pretty good! :-D They are not quite direct yet, particularly on the right rein, but it IS helping the canter slow down a bit and therefore helping her balance
Amyway - see what you think! As always im very grateful for any input.........

Trot on both reins

Slowing and containing the trot:

Canter Left:

Canter Right:


Claire said...


Friesianluv said...

Hi Vicky,
Canter is certainly improving and its easy to forget that (like me) even getting right canter at first time of asking used to be nigh on impossible.
She seems to be anticipating the walk/canter and it might help to tell yourself that its the walk that is the important part of the exercise and kid yourself (and her) that you have no intention of cantering. Then when the walk feels 100% ok - canter.
I rode yesterday for the first time in over a month and am now shuffling about in severe muscle discomfort! Doesn't help to have too much of a break.

epona said...

Ooooo Helen!! Hope you have recovered a bit today! Im pleased with how the canter is progressing, and yes youre correct - its easy to forget it wasnt that long ago I couldnt even GET right canter!! This was only our third go at walk to canter so Im not too concerned about the anticipation at the moment as it does help with the energy required for the trans - but as she gets stronger then yes, I will have to be mindful of a clear walk and clear canter. But hey! its good to talk about this as an issue rather than the depart lol!!