Wednesday, 13 January 2010

grump grump grump................

ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Snow stops play!!! I havent ridden for over a week now, im dreading to think how crap ill be when I get back on, coupled with the fact that Antsje has been stabled during this weather and is like tigger on crack :-0 OMG!!!!

She has been getting increasingly 'hyper-sensitive' during her confinement and Interestingly today when I touched her poll she snapped her head up JUST like she used to when I first had her. In fact, the more and more I think about it, the more I believe this is where Antsje stores 'excess tension' from whatever may be troubling her. For me this has become a barometer on her 'well being' and although I thought it was due to tension build up from ridden work and also (shamefully) over use of the hand I can now see that its not JUST due to that. Being stabled for a week has obviously caused a build up of energy and this has most definately had an effect on the relaxtion of the poll. Not much I can do about the confinement until this weather clears up, but its been an interesting observation nevertheless ;-)

And just to stop me getting too fedup about the weather and not riding I thought Id share this clip. ONE DAY I'LL SIT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!


trudi said...

ouch, a week :-o you poor things. Hope you're back on board soon and tigger keeps her tiger in the tank.

Danni said...

Poor Antsje, sounds like she's coping well but would like to get the tickle out of her toes!

Hope you are back to a normal routine soon :)